Mid-February Report

By Ben Cutbank, Coordinator of Deep Green Resistance Wisconsin

Here in the middle of February 2012, after about half of a year since forming, the Wisconsin chapter of the Deep Green Resistance (DGR) international movement is thriving. What follows is a report on recent developments from within:

We have a solid core group and have developed membership criteria and a joining process to recruit new members. Members already part of the group have found niches and roles to help focus their gifts and efforts. The group now has a Treasurer, Recruitment officer, Blog Administrator, Coordinator, and Co-Coordinator.

DGR Wisconsin has hosted about 5 events so far, two of which have been an “Introduction to DGR,” using an outline speech that a member of our group put together. The role of speaking at these events has been rotated between members.

Members of DGR Wisconsin have also participated in various protests, events, and meetings representing the group.

Thus far, our members mostly live in two distinct cities within the state, but we are hoping to recruit members from all around Wisconsin and we try to vary the city in which our meetings and events take place.

There is much activity in our group’s near future, especially in the later part of March. Around that time we are hosting: two events for the Occupy the Machine U.S. Speaking Tour, a fundraiser event in Madison with live music and a raffle, and an international Deep Green Resistance member’s conference.

Note: This is a first of what will be continuous reports about the status of our action group.

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