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Derrick Jensen on Resistance Radio

Almost every Sunday, Derrick Jensen interviews an activist, biophile scientist, land restorationist, or other person similarly engaged in building a culture of resistance. The interviews are always worth listening to, packed with interesting information and insights drawn out by Jensen’s experienced questions. The interviews have always been available as mp3 downloads or audio streams from PRN.FM (you can also browse just the interviews related to Deep Green Resistance).

We’ve now made Resistance Radio available on youtube as audio with a still image of the interviewee, accessible to those who prefer to browse youtube or want to add the episodes into playlists. We’ll keep adding new interviews as they’re released. See them all at the Deep Green Resistance youtube channel, and please share these important conversations widely!

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Mid August Report

Table at Earthfest

By Ben Barker, Coordinator of Deep Green Resistance Wisconsin

For the past several months, the Wisconsin Chapter of the Deep Green Resistance movement has been building its own capacity and helping the international movement with campaigns and projects.

We recognize that one of our major goals as a chapter of the larger DGR movement is to simultaneously support DGR as a whole and bring the movement to our locale. Without a strong international movement, local resisters would have little support in their efforts. Yet, without resistance happening locally, the more broad structure would be irrelevant and ineffective.

In Wisconsin news, our group recently set up a literature table at Earthfest, an annual environmental festival in Sheboygan, WI. The mission of Earthfest is as follows:

Since 1990, Earthfest’s mission is to provide a joyful, annual, free family festival in Sheboygan to promote community spirit and a healthy environment through music, art, education, lectures, stories, demonstrations, and local foods.

From behind our table, we engaged in conversation with several folks about our organization and perspective. As is predictable given the tone of the so-called environmental movement in the United States, many whom we spoke with were not of the mind that resistance is even a possibility. They know the problems, but don’t know what we can honestly do to stop them. This is a major reason why DGR Wisconsin participated in Earthfest; we want to bring a radical analysis into the environmental milieu. The festival now being over, and many of our pamphlets seeing the fresh eyes of it’s attendees, it’s hard to say what impact our presence will have. Though, we will keep spreading the seeds of resistance and attempt to build a movement to save the planet.

Many thanks to organizers of Earthfest for putting the event on and allowing us to participate.

As always, the resistance needs you, and our group has expanded it’s options for getting involved, so please consider joining us in our fight for the future.

Derrick Jensen speaking event in Madison, WI (4/17)

Poster: distribute!

Our planet is under serious threat from industrial civilization. Yet activists are not considering strategies that might actually prevent the looming biotic collapse the Earth is facing. We need to deprive the rich of their ability to steal from the poor and the powerful of their ability to destroy the planet. We need a serious resistance movement that includes all levels of direct action–action that can match the scale of the problem.

Writer and activist Derrick Jensen has been discussing the inherent destructiveness of industrial civilization and urgently calling for resistance against it for decades. Derrick is the acclaimed author of fifteen books, including A Language Older Than Words, The Culture of Make Believe, Endgame, and Deep Green Resistance, a book, co-authored with Lierre Keith and Aric McBay, which inspired the formation of a movement by the same name. Author, teacher, activist, small farmer and leading voice of uncompromising dissent, he has been hailed as the philosopher poet of the environmental movement.

We are pleased to host Derrick Jensen for a public speaking event on “Civilization and Resistance,” with a Q&A session after the talk. Please join us for this exciting opportunity at the University of Wisconsin’s Varsity Hall (inside Union South), located at 1308 W. Dayton Street in Madison, Wisconsin, on Tuesday, April 17th starting at 6:00 p.m.  This is a free event and is sponsored by Deep Green Resistance Wisconsin, UW Society & Politics, Distinguished Lecture Series, and The Madison Infoshop.

Derrick will speak to the following questions during his talk:

  • How do I know civilization is not redeemable? Why does industrial civilization need to be dismantled?
  • Do you think our advanced society has the capability to find technological solutions to the energy and resource problems facing us?
  • If Industrial Civilization is dismantled, what about people who live in cities or rely on it for their subsistence or medical needs? What makes you think that a small group of people have the right to bring down an entire system that will result in countless deaths?
  • The dismantling of civilization would be a violent act, and violence is never the answer. Ghandi was a pacifist that led a successful revolution, so couldn’t a nonviolent movement of the masses put enough pressure on those in power to transform our society?
  • I am skeptical that any actions I take will be useful towards bringing down civilization.  Why should I take large-scale direct action against the system when almost nobody else, especially in the first world, is?