Late March Report

By Ben Cutbank, Coordinator of Deep Green Resistance Wisconsin

Now at the end of March 2012, Deep Green Resistance (DGR) Wisconsin is looking forward to a lot of major happenings in our area and involving our Action Group.

Over the horizon are many events that we have helped to plan, including: two Occupy the Machine events with a member of the OTM Coalition, the weekend-long International DGR Members’ Conference, a music show with Big Dudee Roo and Thistle in the middle of the aforementioned conference, and a speaking event with Derrick Jensen.

In addition, members of DGR Wisconsin are working within the Occupy the Machine Coalition, as it plans it’s first action, which involves blockading an oil refinery in Houston, TX, happening in mid-to-late April of this year.

Our group does have much to look forward to, but also are not without reasons to celebrate.

T-shirts with our logo have now been printed and distributed among members. It took the effort of multiple people involved in Deep Green Resistance to make this happen: An International Volunteer drew the logo, I designed what would be printed, a member bought t-shirts, and the Co-Coordinator found a sympathetic friend to print them for us. The end product looks great and gives us a way to identify our involvement in the group at events and other gatherings.

Members of DGR Wisconsin had the opportunity to do just that at a fundraiser event that happened on Sunday, March 25th at the High Noon Saloon, in Madison, WI. The Co-Coordinator of the group, with the help of other members, set up the event which included well-known jazz bands, raffle prizes from local business, and time for us to speak about our group and provide literature to at least forty people. The photos included here were taken at the event.

With all of the activity here in Wisconsin, we’d love to recruit more members to join our DGR Action Group and take part. For all who are interested, you are invited to contact our Recruitment Officer via e-mail, here.

In love and resistance, the time to act is now.

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