Jet Fuel Leaks Into Area Rivers

February 3, 2012

UPDATE: Shell has responded with a list of Community Information FAQ’s.  They are attached below.

*If you require more information on this issue contact the Milwaukee pipline community information line at: 1-866-467-4775.

Milwaukee Riverkeeper has been monitoring the estimated 9,000 gallon jet fuel leak from a Shell Oil Company pipeline along the eastern border of Mitchell International Airport, which discharged jet fuel into Wilson Park Creek and the Kinnickinnic River for OVER A WEEK in late January before the pipeline was shut down.

Teams of responders have been working around the clock to contain the spill, placing floating booms along the creek and river to contain the spread of the fuel and using vacuum trucks to skim fuel from the surface of the waterways.  They report the fuel has not reached Lake Michigan.

Riverkeeper has spoken to several informants that intimated the condition of the pipeline has been bad for a long time, but airport officials did not address it because it would have required shutting down the north-south runway (which has now been shut down to localize and repair the leak).

We will continue to monitor the situation and investigate legal options for rectifying the damage to our rivers.

For more information see the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article and the report fromWISN Channel 12.

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