Get Involved with DGR Wisconsin

Our Join page has been updated, now including three main ways to get involved in the growing Deep Green Resistance movement and help actualize a strategy to save the planet. Here are the options for those interested:

Group Membership involves participating in the organizing and activity of the DGR Wisconsin Action Group, as well as meeting it’s unique expectations, including frequency of participation and attendance of group meetings.

Volunteer Membership taking on projects suited to their gifts and capacity. Individuals need not meet unique expectations of the local group, including frequency of participation and attendance of group meetings, but must abide by the policies of the broader DGR movement.

Active Support involves agreeing to be called upon when the group needs help in any given area. Individuals do not become members of DGR, so they needn’t abide by any policies set by the movement, nor unique expectations of the local group.

Contact us if you have any questions:
Phone: (262) 208-5347

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